Folee Oxygen Concentrator 5L Price in BD

৳ 43,500.00


Folee Oxygen Concentrator 5L, an advanced and feature-rich medical device designed to enhance oxygen therapy. With a wide range of functions and user-friendly features, this concentrator offers optimal respiratory support. Let’s explore its remarkable attributes and key functions:

  1. On/Off: Easily activate or deactivate the concentrator with a simple switch for effortless operation.
  2. Time: Keep track of time with a built-in clock, allowing precise monitoring during therapy sessions.
  3. Anion: Enjoy the potential benefits of air purification through the release of anions, promoting a cleaner environment.
  4. Once/Total: Exercise real-time control over oxygen inhalation duration and monitor the cumulative total working time for efficient therapy management.
  5. Flow Regulation Knob: Adjust the oxygen flow rate using the intuitive knob to meet personalized therapy requirements.
  6. Oxygen Display: Stay informed about the delivered oxygen concentration through the clear display, ensuring accurate monitoring.
  7. Humidifier Catching Groove: Conveniently secure the humidifier bottle in the designated groove, facilitating effective humidification during therapy.
  8. Air Inlet Cover: Protect the concentrator’s air intake area from dust and debris, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  9. Nebulization Port: For models with nebulization functions, administer targeted respiratory treatments using aerosolized medication.
  10. Switch: Easily control and toggle between different functions and settings for seamless operation.
  11. Fuse: Equipped with a fuse for enhanced electrical protection and safety during operation.
  12. Air Outlet: Deliver oxygen-enriched air through the designated outlet, ensuring efficient and effective therapy delivery.
  13. Brand: Folee – a trusted and reputable brand in the field of medical devices.
  14. Origin: Made in China, adhering to rigorous quality standards and manufacturing processes.


  1. Real Voice Function: Experience audible prompts and notifications for better understanding of the device’s status and operations.
  2. LCD Screen: Enjoy a clear and comprehensive display for easy visibility of vital information, settings, and alerts.
  3. Remote Control: Operate the concentrator remotely, providing convenience and flexibility in managing therapy.
  4. Cumulative Timer: Monitor the total working time of the device, allowing timely maintenance and servicing.
  5. Single Timer: Exercise real-time control over oxygen inhalation duration for personalized therapy management.
  6. Timed Shutdown Function: Set a predetermined duration for automatic shutdown, ensuring user-friendly operation.
  7. Calendar Function: Stay organized and intuitive with the built-in calendar, providing timekeeping functionality.
  8. Back-lit Button: Illuminate the control buttons for clear and intuitive function display, even in low-light environments.
  9. Power-Off Alarm: Receive alerts when the concentrator is powered off, ensuring uninterrupted therapy and patient safety.
  10. Anion Release Function: Benefit from potential air purification effects through the release of anions, promoting a fresher environment.
  11. Heat Protector: Equipped with a heat protector in the compressor, safeguarding against overheating and ensuring reliable performance.
  12. Nebulization Function: For models with nebulization capabilities, administer targeted respiratory treatments using aerosolized medication.
  13. Oxygen Concentration Monitoring and Alarming: Continuously monitor the oxygen concentration levels and receive alerts for any deviations.
  14. Maximum Flow: Accommodate higher oxygen demands with a maximum flow rate of 10L/min, catering to varying therapeutic needs.
  15. Oxygen Concentration: Ensure oxygen concentrations of 90% or higher when the oxygen flow ranges from 0.5L/min to 5L/min.
  16. Noise Level: Operate quietly with a noise level of 60dB (A) or lower, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment during therapy.

Price: The Folee Oxygen Concentrator 5L is available at a competitive price in BD, offering exceptional value for its advanced features and reliable performance. Contact us for detailed pricing and purchasing information.

Please note that specific features and specifications may vary based on the model and version of the Folee Oxygen Concentrator 5L. For precise information, kindly refer to the product documentation or consult with our knowledgeable team. We prioritize your health and comfort, providing high-quality respiratory care solutions.