Doctor At Home


If you or your loved one is going though a medical treatment and require doctor’s intervention regularly or need a general health check because of illness or disease; we at ShebaLagbe help you get a doctor who will visit and treat them in comfort of home. By requesting a doctor visit at home, you can avoid the mobility and waiting issues for you and your loved ones.

When you need doctor at home?

Medical Emergency

If you or your loved one just had a fall or is in a severe pain or running high fever or enters into hypoglycemia or running breathlessness or gets fainted out, ShebaLagbe Doctor at Home service is just a call away.

Elderly living alone

Regular health checkups and tests can help you find problems before they start. It can also help in diagnosing the disease at a nascent stage, where the chances of treatment and cure are better. ShebaLagbe operates a huge network of geriatric cum general physician who work closes with you and your loved ones in ensuring the quality of life.

Post surgical checkup

If you are just back from a hospital after a surgical procedure, regular review by a general physician can help in monitoring the overall recovery process. You can expect a visiting physician to review your wound condition, general counseling, vitals, diet plan and overall activity charter. These physician can always keep your primary surgeon informed about the overall recovery status.

You are in orthopedic condition

Orthopedic conditions like fractures, cervical, joint replacements, knee replacements, muscle strain, spinal deformities, arthritis, osteoporosis and other orthopedic problems can make life miserable. Our doctor at home service helps you to avoid pains of traveling and day off from work to meet doctor at clinic or hospital.

Chronic disease management

Whether you or your loved one is suffering or recovering from Parkinson, Alzheimer, Dementia, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Renal failure, Post CABG; ShebaLagbe operates a network of consultants and super specialists who can administer the day to day progress of medical condition in the comfort of home.

You are bedridden patient

“Mobilizing a bedridden patient to a hospital specially when you are not putting up in a ground floor of your apartment which even doesn’t have a lift can be a nightmare”. Regular review of such bedridden patients for things like bed sore, vital monitoring, electrolyte imbalance, physical examination remains a key to ensure the quality of life of such patients. A Doctor at home can be a blessing for such cases.

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