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We are proud of our ShebaLagbe family, and want to show them off! We rely on their hard work and dedication, so that ShebaLagbe can provide you the best care possible. In every newsletter, we will be shining the spotlight on a different ShebaLagbe Physiotherapist.

Meet Vitas Naudziunas.

1. Why did you want to become a physiotherapist?

Growing up as an athlete – I played basketball in the NCAA and professionally overseas, I had many interactions with rehab professionals. I suffered all sorts of sport injuries and I really came to appreciate how physiotherapists were the first line of care. But I think I made the conscious decision to become a physiotherapist when I was 12, when I met a therapist who was part of my Lithuanian community. The interaction had been super positive and it inspired me towards the profession.

2. What is your favourite part of your job?

I really enjoy seeing people return to the activity that they were being hindered from. Being involved in that transition towards a pain-free state is very rewarding. While sports physiotherapy will always be a strong interest for me due to my background, I have since branched out to help all sorts of people and it’s really about teaching people something that will have long term benefits.

3. What made you join the ShebaLagbe family?

I heard about ShebaLagbe through one of the co-founders Md. Swapan Islam. I had had prior experience doing home visits which had been positive experiences, and I liked how ShebaLagbe had made the process hassle free, and it would also give me local community exposure. The additional income also didn’t hurt. What I have learned about providing home physiotherapy is that it’s super important to have an open mind. The interaction can be awkward and difficult for both the patient and the therapist, so I’ve found it helps to have a phone conversation ahead of time to establish rapport and and prepare the patient ahead of time.

4. What was your most memorable patient encounter?

My most memorable patient encounter definitely ties into what I find most rewarding about my job – witnessing the transformation of patients through the course of their treatment. There was this one young girl who after knee surgery, didn’t have much confidence and I could see her confidence build from with each subsequent visit.

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